Narcissistic Poet


“why can you spend so much time
writing all this sappy bullcrap
but cannot study hard
to get good

math teacher, senior high school.-
“why do you write such good poetry
but suck so bad
at math?”

acquantainces/maybe friends, anygradeinanyschool.-
your poetry sounds pretty good
i just
don’t understand
what you are trying
to say.”

writing instructor, free elective course, college.-
“your poetry is really good
for someone whose first language is
not english.”

“you are good at writing poetry,
but besides that,
you just seem clueless
most of the time
you cannot hear
what i say
nor can you understand
much of it.
it seems like
you are lost
in your own world,
have conversation with me
in your head.”

i want to blame all these people
for making me think
i must be really good
at poetry
for i hardly am
in anything else
that actually

not to take myself too seriously
Feb 18, 2011

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